4×4 Toyota Rav4 for Candid Travelers on Safari

All Rav4 consume petrol either unleaded or normal petrol, it has a small fuel tank that takes 60 litres. Coverage is 500 km-600 km depending on the nature of the terrain you are driving in.

Toyota Rav4 – 3 Door

The Toyota Rav4 -3 Door is the most prominent and preferred type of Rav4 due to the fact that it has enough leg room, ideal fuel consumption as well as affordable for all travelers.

They are perfect for 2-3 travelers & couples as it comprises of a full 4×4 and available in both automatic or manual gearbox.

Toyota Rav4 Short

The Toyota Rav4 Short is convenient for all travelers interested in short Burundi Safaris on weekends and shorter periods with friends and family. It is effective, efficient and affordable to hire by all.

Toyota Rav4 – 5 Door

The Toyota Rav4-5 Door has almost similar uses as the 3 Door Rav4 although this varies with carrying capacity for this takes 4 people. It’s available as automatic or manual gearbox to suit the needs of all kinds of travelers.

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Toyota Rav4-3 Door

Budget Car rental in Burundi

  • 3 pax
  • Manual & Automatic Gears
  • No air condition

Toyota Rav4-Short

Car Rental in Burundi

  • 2 pax
  • Manual & Automatic Gears
  • No air condition

Toyota Rav4-5 Door

Car Rental in Burundi

  • 4-5 pax
  • Manual & Automatic Gears
  • No air condition