Short and Long Term 4×4 Car Rental in Uganda

4×4 Burundi offers 4×4 Cheap Car Rentals to all travelers looking for both Short and Long Car Rental Services to transfer them to any Safari Destination in Uganda with friends and Family.

The 4×4 Car Fleets we offer include, Toyota Rav4s, Land Cruisers, Roof Top Tented Land Cruisers, Suvs, Saloon Cars.

Short Term 4×4 Car Rentals are ideal for travelers on fixed schedules, business meetings and are interested in renting 4×4 Car Fleets to transfer them to the Safari Destination of their choice on holiday. They take a period of 1 to 5 Days in Uganda.

Long Term Car Rentals are appropriate for travelers looking to spend a longer period of time in Uganda with friends and family exploring the various Safari Destinations and these take a period of 6 to 20 Days.

They are ideal for those with projects, conferences and longer safari adventures in Uganda.

Discounted rates are available depending on the number of travelers, Number of Days to spend in Uganda.

Contact our Team of Experts to offer you Affordable, Reliable and effective Car rental Services on holiday Safari Tour in Uganda.