One Way Car Rentals in Burundi: (Best 2023 Price Guaranteed!)

One Way Car rentals in Burundi from Gitega to Bujumbura Airport from US $40, Burundi to Entebbe Airport. Burundi’s One Way Car Rentals are the Best Car Rental Option for all on fixed schedule.

4×4 Burundi offers one way car rental to travelers interested in exploring both Burundi’s Safari Attractions and Uganda.

One Way Rentals from Burundi, Drop Off in Entebbe

This involves renting a Car from Burundi, and drop it in Kampala/ Entebbe Uganda at very affordable prices to cover the Driver’s Licenses and Fuel to take back the Car.

4x4 car rental burundiThe fee varies depending on where you prefer to drop the Car i.e at the Airport, Hotel after exploring the various safari Destinations and attractions in these amazing Countries with friends and Family.

This option offers you a chance to explore the numerous Safari Destinations both in Uganda and Burundi. The destinations you visit in Uganda include; Murchison Falls National Park, Bwindi Forest National Park, Mgahinga National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, kibale Forest National Park.

Queen Elizabeth National Park, Sipi Falls, River Nile, Mountain Elgon, Semuliki National Park and Mountain Rwenzori National Park and in Burundi there is Kibira National Park, Rusizi National Park, Ruvubu National Park, Gitega National Museum.

One Way Car Rental is a very ideal option as it gives you freedom to rent a Car from us on your safari and drop it where your Safari Tour ends. Contact our experienced Team of Staff to draft you your one Way Rental Safari from Burundi to Entebbe in Uganda.

Top Burundi One Way Car Rentals

Safari Land Cruiser Hard Top

Burundi Car Rental

Land Cruiser Hard Top is your ultimate Burundi Car Rentals Option to take you anywhere around Burundi.

Double Roof Tent Cruiser

Land Cruiser Double Tent Burundi

Book the Double Roof Top Tent Land Cruiser to enjoy sleeping in the wilderness on Safari Adventure in Burundi.

Single Roof Top Tent Cruiser

Book the Land Cruiser with a Single Roof Top Tent to enjoy Safaris in Burundi and nearby countries as a solo or couple traveler.

Family Roof Top Tent Cruiser

Family Roof Top Tent Cruiser

Travelling as a Family to Burundi, book the family Roof Top Tent Cruiser to enjoy the Best Safaris in Burundi.