Kibira National Park in Burundi

Kibira National Park is the most prominent Safari Destination in Burundi and is located North West of the country. The Park stretches across four provinces covering an area of 400 kms2. The Park stretches from Muramvya Town to the Rwanda Border with Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Approximately 16% of the Park comprises of primary montane rainforest which overlooks two vast Tea Plantations one in Teza and the other in Rwegura. There are about 98 mammal species, 200 bird species that are watched and Chimpanzees that are tracked.

Contact an expert at to transfer you to explore the Park with friends and family so as to track the Chimpanzees in their natural forest vegetation.

When to Visit Kibira National Park

Kibira National Park can be accessed anytime of the year for travels interested in remarkable Wildlife Safari Tours in Burundi. So contact our team of experts to enjoy the Best Wildlife Safaris in Burundi with friends and family.

How to Get to Kibira National Park

Kibira National Park can be accessed by use of both Road and Air depending on the preferences of the travellers. By Road travelers can transfer from Bujumbura to the Park and Air, they drop at the Bujumbura Airport where they leave from to Kibira National Park.

Things to do in Kibira National Park

• Chimpanzee Tracking
• Bird Watching
• Hiking and Nature Walks