Gitega National Museum Burundi

Gitega National Museum is located in Gitega and was founded under the Belgian Colonial Rule in 1955. It is a prominently known National Museum of Burundi due to the number of travelers that go here per week i.e 20-50.

The museum was founded to preserve artifacts of the Burundi Folk Culture which is changing due to modernization and social change.

The collections in the Museum include; ethnographic, historical, Burundian monarchs as well as legendary pieces.

Other Safari attractions in the Museum include; Musée Vivant with a reptile house, an aquarium, open air theatre, aviary, botanical gardens, collections of musical instruments, weapons and witchcraft tools.

Outside the Museum is not so attractive and the aesthetics are not great in general. The content and information you get here is very relevant and legendary.

At the museum you find various Karyenda royal drum sanctuaries and the Ibwami (royal court).

When To Visit Gitega National Museum

The Gitega National Museum can be visited any time around the year by travelers interested in experiencing Culture in Burundi.

How to get There

Gitega National Museum is located in Gitega and travelers get here by use of road in a 4×4 Fleet/ car.