7 Top Car Rental Burundi Travel Tips (Useful Travel Tips 2022 Burundi)

7 Top Car Rental Burundi Travel Tips are how to drive on Dirt Roads, Carry enough Food, Water. 7 Top Car Rental Burundi Travel Tips should be on your fingers as you travel to Burundi.

Follow through the various 4×4 Burundi Travel Tips to enjoy Safari Adventures in your 4×4 Car as you travel to any destination of your choice in Burundi.

Below are some of the 4×4 Burundi Travel Tips

Ensure to Drive during Daylight

 We advise you to transfer/ drive around Burundi before Night Fall. This is more advisable to do in a foreign country.

Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is not prohibited although we advise you to take it in a more responsible way and amounts. Don’t drink and drive to reduce the risk of getting involved in an accident. If you can avoid taking any Alcohol, then this is the best Choice.

4x4 car rental in Burundi

Careless Driving and Speed

We advise travelers interested in Adventuring Burundi to drive carefully along the Roads as well as look out to maintain low speed so as to avoid Accidents. The Speed Limit in Burundi is National limit – wide tar (light vehicles) 120 km/h 80 km/h. Roads other than wide tar (light vehicles) 80 km/h        60 km/h, Urban areas general limit (light vehicles) 60 km/h60 km/h, Urban areas range (light vehicles) 50 – 80 km/h         40 km/h.

Long Distance and Fatigue

Driving long distances can cause fatigue and is the major factor in accidents. We advise you to stop your 4×4 Car and rest every 2 hour.

Dusty Roads

As you travel to your destinations you will travel along various dusty roads which may affect your vision and that of vehicles coming the other way. We recommend you drive with precaution for you might get into an accident.

Tyre Blowouts

As you are driving in your 4×4 and your tyre blows out, we advise you to roll on the side of the road and call us to offer you assistance rather than stepping hard on the brakes for this may worsen things.

Carry enough Food, Water and extra Fuel

We advise you to take enough food, water and fuel to use in case of emergency situations to help you keep calm.