Explore Burundi with our 4×4 Car Rental Fleets and SUVs

4×4 Burundi offers a variety of Cheap 4×4 Car Rentals to transfer travelers around the different Cities around Burundi. These Cities include; Bujumbura, Gitega, Bubanza, Buhongo, Bukirasazi, Bururi, Cankuzo, Cibitoke.

Our cheap 4×4 Car Rentals are the best, most effective and affordable for all kinds of travelers visiting Burundi to enjoy Vacation Holidays. These offer you an opportunity to adventure beautiful Burundi while transferring from one point to another visiting the numerous Safari Destinations.

Travel and explore Burundi in our Cheap 4×4 Cars to all the destinations off your choice with friends and Family in 4WDs. These will take you safe to all destinations.

Looking to hire 4×4 Cars for your Burundi Safari Adventure, reach us for we are a Call Away to offer you Cheap Car Rentals to transfer you to any destination in Burundi to enjoy with Friends and Family.

4X4 Car Hire Options in Burundi

We specialize in offering 4×4 Car Hires to all travelers interested in exploring the various cities around Burundi transferring along the Good to Dirt Roads.

The 4×4 Car Hire Options we offer are of high quality, Affordable and Reliable to takes you around Burundi. These vary from Rav4s, Land Cruisers, Roof Top Tented Land Cruisers, Mini Vans, Toyota Hiace to SUVs.

When to Book Your 4×4 Car in Burundi

Travelers planning a safari tour to Burundi, can book a 4×4 Car to take them to the Destination of their choice any time around the year. You can travel to Burundi any time you want with friends and family to enjoy amazing Adventures with friends and Family.

There is no specific period in which you can book a 4×4 car in Burundi, Do this any time you are ready to explore the country.

Best Time to Travel to Burundi with 4×4

Booking a 4×4 Car in Burundi does not have any specific period for these can be hired any time around the year. All that is required is your interest to travel here.

Our Top Car Rental Fleets

Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser carries 5 to 7 Adventurers, Available in Manual & Automatic Gears, Perfect on all Terrains.

Toyota Rav4

The Toyota Rav4 is convenient for all travelers and carries 3 to 5 Adventurers, Available in Manual & Automatic Gears too.

Mini Van

The Mini Van takes you to any destination of your choice and carries 5 to 7 Adventurers and perfect on all Terrains.

Toyota Hiace

The Toyota Hiace carries 5 to 7 Adventurers and a perfect option for all travelers from all over the world looking for safaris.

Land Cruiser Roof Top

The Roof Top Tented Land Cruiser is perfect to drive on all terrains and carries 5 to 7 Adventurers with Manual & Automatic Gears.

Land Cruiser Extended

Want to explore the various safari destinations with friends and family, the land cruiser is your perfect choice for the best.

Double Roof Top Tent

The Double Roof Top Tented Land Cruiser is perfect for travelers in big groups and carries 5 to 7 Adventurers, with a roof Top Tent.

Double Cabins

The Double Cabin carries 3 to 5 and is a perfect option for all travelers from the world on projects or longer holidays with family and friends.

Extended Car Hire and Rentals

4×4 Burundi offers Car Hires/ Rentals to the neighboring countries i.e Uganda the Pearl of Africa, Rwanda the country of rolling Hills, Kenya and Tanzania with friends and family on Safari Tour.

Contact our Team of experts to draft or design you the Safari Tour of your dreams to Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania for the Best Adventures.

Special Offers Available

4×4 Burundi offers Special Offers with discounts to all travelers that transfer in groups and longer periods of time visiting various Safari Destinations. Contact a Travel expert at info@4x4burundi.com to help you plan and design your Safari Adventure in Burundi and neighboring countries.

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