4×4 Car Rental Deals in Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania

4×4 Burundi offers 4×4 Car Rental Deals to all kinds of travelers from all over the globe depending on the Safari Destinations, Attractions they wish to visit and explore. These Car Rental Deals are also ideal for those interested in doing projects in and out of Burundi at affordable prices.

Our Car Rental Deals include; Long Term Car Rentals where travelers hire our 4×4 Fleets for longer periods of time i.e 10 to 22 Days, Short term Car rental Deals for shorter periods of time i.e 4 to 6 Days, Self driving Options, One Way Car Rental deals where you drop the car at your final destination for example driving from Burundi and leaving it at Entebbe International airport and Car Rental with an experienced Chauffeur/ driver who transfers you to the Destination of your choice.

Contact our 4×4 Burundi Car Rental experts to draft and design as well as Offer you the 4×4 Fleet of your dreams to take you to any safari destination in East Africa.


Our 4×4 Car Rental Deals in Burundi

Long Term Car Rentals

4×4 Burundi offers Long term Car Rentals to all travelers interested in adventuring Burundi for longer periods of time i.e 12 to 20 and above days. This option is also ideal for those on bigger projects and all vehicles are available to accomplish this.

We offer cars i.e Land Cruisers, Toyota Rav4s, Mini Vans, Toyota Hiace, Roof Top Tented Land Cruiser, Extended Land Cruisers. These have various features

  • Number of people
  • Air Condition
  • two air bags
  • Height Control
  • Power steering
  • pop up tent/roof
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